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Q1] When reading a novel or a storybook...

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Q2] When discussing an issue with my family and friends...


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Q3] I ______ shows in my Mother Tongue Language?

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Q4] When I communicate with my family and friends, I____ use my Mother Tongue Language

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Q5] When I read books in my Mother Tongue Language...


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Q6] When faced with a problem...


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Q7] Are you curious about the different ways in which the world works around you?

e.g. Why is one side of baking aluminium foil shiny while the other side is dull?
e.g. Why do some twins look different while others don’t?
e.g. Why do some solids dissolve while others don’t?

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Q8] Do you need proof or evidence in order to make conclusions?


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Q9] How do you solve problems you encounter in your daily life?

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Q10] When given a challenge...


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Q11] When I have to learn new skills in sports...


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Q12] When I read articles or hear or see something...

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Q13] When I read a biography of a leader like Stalin, Hitler or Kennedy...

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Q14] When I found out that a natural disaster had happened...
(For example, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions etc.)


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Q15] When I see a product/artefact that I have never seen before, I would think...

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Q16] I think that dancing, singing, acting and playing a musical instrument are...


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Q17] If I can help a group/community...

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Q18] What do you think are the qualities of a good leader?

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  • Stretch opportunities for students with strong interests in these areas.

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It is unclear if you might choose to specialise in these areas. Do look out for schools that provide both exposure and specialisation opportunities.

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To decide if these are areas you will not specialise in, try it out in schools which provide opportunities which expose you in these areas.

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